Hello and welcome!  I am GHenryWrites!

Screenwriting is what I love to do!

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MEET GHenryWrites...

For many years, I've had the itch to write, whether it was journaling or creating stories. I've done many things during my life besides writing and I finally realized that it's what I want to do.  I don't want to be on my deathbed wondering if I would've succeeded or failed (and may that be many, many, many joyous years in the future, thank you very much).   I started dabbling in screenwriting in 2013 at the recommendation of a very talented writer friend and it became my AHA! moment -- I think I've been a screenwriter all my life!  I don't particularly have the patience to describe every last detail of every scene and I do prefer to "show" rather than "tell". 

As with everything in life, this is a learning experience, but I am LOVING it!  The more I know, the more there is still to learn - but what a wonderful, freeing challenge!  

My one writing quirk is that I keep a running log of ideas that I want to turn into something one day: movies, TV shows, or shorts.  This way, I'll never run out of ideas (at least that's the premise).  Anyway, thanks for getting to know me a little and check out my WORKS IN PROGRESS page for a small snapshot of what I'm working on or completed.

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