Tarnished Example

Derrick sits at the bar.  He watches the crowd behind him in
the MIRROR. There's an open bottle of bourbon in front of him.
Jeanine walks in and sits next to him.
She smiles at the BARTENDER (50'S).
The bartender places a drink in front of her and walks off to
the other end of the bar to take an order.
                       DERRICK RHODES
             You know, he'll probably be next, poor
             bastard. First cops, then bartenders.
             There's nothing an Android can't do.
                       JEANINE MONTREAL
             Yeah, I can see it now. Think they'll
             program them to water down the drinks?
Derrick SNORTS and drinks a shot of bourbon.
                       JEANINE MONTREAL
             Feeling sorry for yourself? 'Cause
             you're not the lucky one to get an
             Android for a partner?
Derrick looks at Jeanine while he pours himself another shot
of bourbon.
                       DERRICK RHODES
             I do believe that was sarcasm.  It
             was, wasn't it?
                       JEANINE MONTREAL
             Nail. Hammer. BAM.
Jeanine drinks.
She looks at him, leans in closer, and nudges him with her
                       JEANINE MONTREAL (CONT'D)
             Is there a special secret message at
             the bottom of that bottle of cheap ass
                       DERRICK RHODES
             Whoa-ho-now! No insulting the bourbon!
                       JEANINE MONTREAL
             Seriously, Derrick, what's next? You know, a plan? 
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